Exalto Studios: Recording is believing

Exalto Studios combines old school craftsmanship, analogue techniques and vintage instruments with future-proof knowledge and vision. Everything is aimed at unleashing the potential of your musical creativity.

We believe in the power of 'the real thing' and also that perfect recording techniques can help to immortalise your music.

But, of course, you have to see it to believe it. So come on over and experience it for yourself. We've said it before: Recording is believing.

Exalto Excellence

• Top-of-the-range equipment
• Rupert Neve Designs 5088 analogue mixing console
• Plug & Play.
• Vintage (bass) guitars & amps
• 90 m2 recording space
• Steinway D grand piano
• Hammond B3 + Leslie
• Bar – relax, refresh and refuel.
• Shower facility
• Free parking, easily accessible by train and car
• Close to Haarlem city centre.
• 20 mins from Schiphol Airport.


Rupert Neve Designs 5088 32-channel
High Voltage Analogue mixer


Adam S3A
Realistic Minimus 7 Recorder
Pro Tools 12 HDX 32x32
Grimm CC1 Wordclock

Microphone preamps

Rupert Neve 5052 (16x)
API 3124+
Telefunken V72 & V72a (6x)
Millennia HV-3B
Avalon Design U5


Teletronix LA-2A
TubeTech LCA-2A
UREI 1178
DBX 165
Focusrite Red 3
WesAudio Beta76
ADR Compex
Trident CB 9146
Rupert Neve 5051 (2x)


AKG BX20 spring reverb
Lexicon 480
Lexicom PCM91
MXR Delay System II
TC Electronix FireWorx
API 550B 4-band EQ (2x)


AKG C414 B-ULS (2x)
AKG D112 (2x)
AKG 451
AudioTechnica 4047 (2x)
AudioTechnica 4051 (2x)
AudioTechnica 4041 (4x)
AudioTechnica 4033 (2x)
AudioTechnica 4080 ribbon
AudioTechnica ATM450 (2x)
Brauner VM-A tube
Coles 4038 ribbon (2x)
DPA 4006 (2x)
ElectroVoice RE-20 (2x)
Flea 47 tube
Gonzo Audio XL2 (2x)
Gonzo Audio XL3 (2x)
Gonzo Audio XL5 (2x)
Gonzo Audio XL 251
Gonzo Audio XL 15
Neumann M49 (1959)
Neumann U67 (1968)
Neumann U87 (3x)
RCA 44 ribbon
Royer R121 ribbon (2x)
Sennheiser 421 (2x)
Sennheiser 609 (3x)
Sennheiser 604 (6x)
Shure SM81
Shure SM58 (2x)
Shure SM57 (3x)
Shure Beta 87
Shure SM-7B
Telefunken U47 (1956)
Telefunken M80
Telefunken TD-200


Steinway D concert piano
Grotrian Steinweg upright piano
Hammond B3 organ / Leslie 122
Yamaha Club Custom drum kit
Ludwig Black Oyster vintage drum kit
Roland XV-88 keyboard
Simmons SDS-8 electronic drum module
Guitar Amplifiers
Vox AC-30
Vox AC-50
HiWatt Custom Lead 50
Marshall JTM30 Valve
Ampeg SVT III Pro
Acoustic Bass Amp